To put it simply, The Club strives to bring the best of country life to the city; the city is a place we live, the country is the place we want to go…why not have both? We believe that many of the best aspects of country life are ideological and can, therefore, enrich our lives right here in the city. The Club is a reminder to slow down and do things yourself. It is a place for slow-cooked meals and homegrown ingredients. It is a community space for great ideas and shared experiences. Make the country shift today by signing up to a little peace of mind (that's means The Club).
New members will receive
Membership card- entitles cardholder to discounts on all Little Veggie Patch Co. products and heaps of other discounts with participating business partners.

Plus monthly subscription to our digital magazine, "The Little Veggie Patch Co" which includes;

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~ In the Garden what is happening in our gardens and things you may try in your own
~What to plant climate zone specific and with planting form suggestions
~One-minute skill video…stuff you can learn in one-minute or less and then brag about at dinner parties
~ Seasonal recipes from Australian and International Chefs
~ What to harvest
~ DIY video…projects that will help get a little grit under your nails
~The Community - news, events, ideas, articles  


Annual Membership

AUD $65

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