Hexagon Insect Hotel Bamboo


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This Hexagonal Insect Hotel is the perfect nesting place for Australia's native bees, which are mostly solitary and so less likely to sting as they aren't defending the hive.

Females store their eggs within the same areas they deposit nectar and pollen for their young, usually partitioned by bits of leaves and dirt. A tell tale sign of a bee using the bamboo is a mud door that covers the hole. After the young bee hatches it will feed off the stored pollen until it is ready to break through the mud and fly away.

Bees like sunny aspects but not places that will get excessively hot as this can damage their larvae. Keep off the ground and in a sheltered area where the dog won't play with it.

Made from natural untreated pine and bamboo.
Dimensions: approximately 15cm x 15cm.

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