Organic Snail Bait


  • Organic Snail Bait
  • Organic Snail Bait
  • Organic Snail Bait

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Eradicate Eco Snail Bait is a certified organic product that does not contain scheduled poisons such as Metaldehyde or Methiocarb and is non-toxic to pets, native fauna and other animals when used as directed. The active ingredient does not accumulate in the environment and has no secondary kill. It works by replacing the copper in the oxygen carrier with iron making it ineffective.

Unlike metaldehyde, Eradicate Eco can be used up to harvest, with no withholding period and does not pose a threat to surface or drinking water.

Iron breaks down to a soil nutrient that won't harm earthworms or mammals.

For safest use and longevity of the bait, we recommend using a trap.

STORE BOXES AWAY FROM DOGS: dogs may find the pellets attractive. If pellets are consumed in large quantities, there may be toxic effects.

Active Constituent: 10g/kg Iron Powder.

Eradicate Eco is made in Australia for Australian conditions.

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