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  • GreenSmart Planters
  • GreenSmart Planters
  • GreenSmart Planters
  • GreenSmart Planters

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GreenSmart is a self-watering pot, manufactured in food grade plastics providing a hassle free growing system.

GreenSmart utilises a self-watering systems that uses less water than in-ground cultivation. The plastic cover reduces the evaporation rate and returns the condensed water vapour back to the reservoir. The fully contained system can be placed anywhere with minimal fuss or mess. The result allows the plants to receive all nutrients as and when they need.

Each GreenSmart contains:

  • A pot for planting.
  • A visual water level indicator.
  • A washer with indents to fit the locking system of the indicator to the container.
  • A washer to prevent leaks from inside.
  • A nut to fasten the indicator to the container.
  • Lid for the indicator.
  • A perforated inner plate for aeration with 6-8 legs
  • A plastic cover.
  • Instructions for assembly and usage of pot.

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