Live Worms Booster Box


  • Live Worms Booster Box
  • Live Worms Booster Box

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A box of 500 worms to boost the number of workers in your garden or compost. This box contains live worms, worm eggs, castings and food fillers.

Worm composting or vermiculture is an easy and efficient way to deal with organic waste. Worms provide unlimited free labour if you treat them well and give them a place to party. In fact, well-maintained worm farms can double in population every few months. There are also many free-standing compost systems we offer, so you can process organic waste without a garden bed (we see and hear you apartment dwellers).

The end results are nutrient-rich worm castings and worm wee that are packed with good bacteria and microbial life. Add these to your garden and watering regime and your plants will love you for it.

**Please note worms cannot be shipped to Western Australia or Tasmania**

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