Soil Health Bundle

Eco Organic


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Be good to your soil and it will be good to you. This health bundle is a spa treatment for that part of your garden that works so hard and gets very little attention. 


GeoSoil rock minerals (2kg) - made from scientifically tested rock minerals adding essential nutrients and returning balance and fertility to soils. Suitable for 20 square metres of garden. 

Eco-Aminogro concentrate (500mL) - A rich organic fertiliser made up of amino acids, vitamins and other essential bio-nutrients derived from a marine source. Easily accessible to all plants and excellent for lawns, veggies, fruit, potted plants, and natives. Makes

Eco-Seaweed concentrate (100g) - Super concentrated preservative free seaweed powder containing over 60 vital nutrients (16% potassium). Makes 200-400 litres of solution.

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