Tomato "Pineapple" Heirloom Seeds

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'Pineapple' Tomato has yellow/orange flesh with red marbling on the inside. Produce is characterised by a sweet, fruity flavour with yields of up to 1kg per tomato. 

How To Plant: Use a free draining soil well integrated with compost and slow release organic fertiliser or good quality potting mix when growing in pots. Propagate in seed tray and then transplant once conditions are sufficiently warm. It's recommended to pinch the bi-lateral growths to encourage, stronger, fitter, and better-looking tomato plants. 

What To Plant Into: Pot + In-Ground

Best Food Partners: Olive Oil with salt & pepper. Salads.

Companion Plant: Basil

When To Plant:
Zone 1: October-December
Zone 2: September-January
Zone 3: August-January
Zone 4: April-July

Spacing: 60-80cm

Depth: 0.5-1cm

Position: Full sun, please.

**Shipping - Not to Western Australia*

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