Possum Security

Written By Little Veggie Patch Co - May 15 2013


January 12 2017

When did you find an American o’possum in your garden? I realise you’re probably having a joke, as you’;re not likely to see a croc there either, but I found it quite off-putting! Our Aussie possums which do the main damage are brushtails – beautifully attractive creatures (at least until you find all the fruit eaten off your fruit trees). And I don’t know about American o’possums, but Brushtaills very quickly chew holes in any netting you may put over your fruit or vegies. It doesn’t keep them out for more than a night or two. The only (fairly) sure way is to cover with chicken netting, with the bottom dug a foot or so into the ground at right angles to the chicken wire wall, and facing out from the garden. Even that is no 100 percent guarantee.

September 30 2016

I have corrugated iron 850mm high raised beds and have had netting protecting the produce – worked till about 3 months ago…. something is now chewing the nets along the top rim of the bed and avoids the traps I set…. rat size and mice size. Each day I find them snapped, the bait gone but no dead bodies. Our garden is adjacent to NP on south coast NSW …. what is eating my veges, chewing my nets and is so smart it avoids being trapped. I don’t want to poison them, but things are getting critical…..help… sue

August 15 2016

um, why is the footage during the intro an american possum?

richie mc gowan
September 04 2015

question; are still or flashing lights better for deterring possums and other tomato munchers. thanks rich.

February 12 2015

Urrggghhhhh… last night a possum chewed through my bird netting and attacked my tomatoes and strawberries. May have to try the lights.

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