Hand Pollination

Written By Little Veggie Patch Co - August 29 2013


February 11 2015

How many zucchini flowers do you need to pollinate, all of them or just one, and if it’s more than one do you use more than one male flower as well. Thanks

January 12 2015

Thankyou! Informative and gave me a giggle at the same time. I’m off to get down and dirty with my zucchini flowers ;)

May 25 2014

I tried to purchase a roll of copper tape as shown on Friday’s the living room at Bunnings and no one had ever heard of it, can you please tell me where I can get it, it’s a great idea, thanks Gayle

Simone Bayer
April 26 2014

This was a very quirky and witty blog. I thoroughly enjoyed it, not too long and straight to the point. I also liked the use of imagery to help explain these difficult moves. I myself have never engaged in hand pollination before. I’m so inspired to try this out in my garden. Hahaha :)

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