Autumn Gardening: A Quick Guide

Written By Little Veggie Patch Co - March 08 2017


Little Veggie Patch Co
March 15 2017

Hey Kim, no problems eating the zucchinis if the plants have powdery mildew, it only effects the leaves and the fruit will be a-ok. The mildew won’t effect the incoming crops, as autumn plants are resilient to it, but best to dispose the leaves rather than compost them. We’d choose to go with broad beans to reinvigorate the soil after growing nitrogen hungry zucchinis. Best of luck.

Andrea McIntosh
March 12 2017

Again my zucchinis have succumbed to the powdery mildew. And now i see the mildew has spread to a viburnum tree! I’m thinking of giving up on growing them.
Thanks for your advice on preventing soil from going hydrophobic. I need to go buy some hessian this weekend :-)

March 09 2017

Hello, My zucchini’s have bad powdery mildew, I have 2 questions, can you still eat the zucchinis if the plant has mildew ir would they make you sick? Also when I pull these plants out do I need to do anything to remove the mildew from the soil or can I just plant the next crop? Any crop suggestions? Thank you.

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