Half Crate DIY Pack

We created the DIY Half Crate Pack to help grow food in even smaller spaces. In this pack, we provide everything that you need to set up your own raised garden bed. No tools required.

Our DIY Half Pack contains:
1 x Half Crate 1.16m by 0.58m (0.73m in height)                                                     
4 x bags organic compost
1 x organic cow manure
1 x bag organic potting mix
1 x bag Worm Poo

This pack is perfect for balconies, courtyards, and narrow passageways. For those that are somewhat limited on space, the half crate offers a lot of growing capacity with a slim profile.

Location- Place the crate in a level position that it will catch as much light as possible. Edible plants love light, and will benefit from whatever you can grab. Ideally, this would be a position with a northerly aspect. However, don't be fussed if you don't have the perfect location, plenty of gardens still thrive in a variety of conditions. 

Add two bags of compost. To ensure that the garden will stand the test of time, we use only the highest quality organic compost and potting mix. This is seriously good stuff, the kind of compost that smells like Swiss chocolate, looks like crumbled black fetta and tastes like... well, we don't recommend eating it. Let your other senses do the heavy lifting here.

Next add the bag of cow manure. 

Add another two bags of compost. 

Time to add the worm poo. We recognise that the garden and your soil is its own living, breathing ecosystem. In addition to digested and well-conditioned nutrients, worm poo contains thousands of worm eggs that will grow up to become helpful tiger worms. Worms assist in the physical and chemical decomposition of organic material to make nutrients more available to your plants.

Top it off with potting mix.

And you are done! Easy as that, you are ready to grow food anywhere. 

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