How much light do edible plants need (and how to create more if necessary)?

Written By Little Veggie Patch Co - May 12 2017


Little Veggie Patch Co
June 21 2017

Hi Ruchira, any hydroponics shop will stock a range of artificial lights to grow food. I’d suggest starting simple, growing less needy plants – salads and herbs – and then you can begin to graduate. There’s some pretty basic LED set ups that aren’t expensive and really easy to use. Best of luck!

Ruchira Ganguly-Scrase
June 21 2017

This was a very informative article. Where do I find artificial light equipment? I have a South facing garden with very limited space. In the past I have grown huge amounts in a confined space, but had a very sunny north facing courtyard!

Hilton Logan
June 15 2017

Thank you for this article, it is a question I sent you a while ago and gives me the knowledge to continue with my quest to grow herbs and veggies in my court yard with little direct sunlight.

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