Self-Watering Challenge: Month 2

The self-watering challenge enters its second month, and like you, we are hungry for results. The powerful force of instant gratification is stronger than ever and it's not that we don't mind a slow burn - in fact No Country for Old Men is one of our favourite films. However, in this moment we eagerly await to see what condition our condition is in

Thankfully the patches have not let us down. After a couple of weeks of surface watering the wicking system is in cruise control. As most traditional gardens struggle with the mid-summer (and even worse, hydrophobia!), our plants are in the unusual state of cruise control normally reserved for winter.

With our watering duties simply a process of keeping the reservoir full, it's a matter of conquering any pest problems that come our way (can you tell the difference between caterpillar damage vs snail damage?).... and finding good uses for the abundance of produce. This month Taxi Kitchen showed us how to make the most of red veined sorrel. 

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