Top 5 Culinary Plants to Grow

Written By Little Veggie Patch Co - October 11 2017


Little Veggie Patch Co
October 18 2017

Hi Leanne,

Ginger likes it warm and humid, so best to start planting late spring in Melbourne. Use good quality potting mix that will drain well, and water pretty much daily. Best to give it a long growing run right up until late autumn, and then divide and see what you have. If growing in a pot, use good quality potting mix, it always makes the difference.

Sweet potato is also a little cold intolerant, so plant around the same time and give it room to move. It doesn’t mind a little shade, but likes consistent warm temperatures and space for its vines to travel. Like a lot of potatoes, yield can be a lottery, so it all comes down to variety choice.

October 16 2017

Hi I like to grow variety, we have tomatillos in grown by seed. As well as cucamelons for the first time we grow heaps of micro greens in trays under our veranda, but I’ve tried ginger not that successful and sweet potatoes weren’t great any suggestions we live in Geelong.

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