What to Plant in May

Written By Little Veggie Patch Co - May 02 2017


Little Veggie Patch Co
May 19 2017

Hey Tessa, I’d be patient with it and hand pollinating to make sure the fruit sets. This should explain it well! https://littleveggiepatchco.com.au/blogs/news/8430939-hand-pollination See if that makes a difference!

Tessa McKenzie
May 15 2017

I live in Brisbane – my zucchini plant is growing bigger and bigger each day – flowers huge – but then close up the next day. No fruit. Is it worth pulling the plant out now? And can you recommend something to plant there instead? Thank you!

Little Veggie Patch Co
May 06 2017

Hi Hilton, yes your situation is a common one and it will effect what you can plant although no direct sunlight can mean a number of things. Even with no direct sunlight the space may be bright – collecting a lot of reflective light – or it may be dark (which is more problematic). We’d suggest starting with less light needy plants, such as leafy greens or some herbs; mint will particularly thrive in a dimly light areas. If they grow well, then graduate to more light needy plants.

Hilton Logan
May 03 2017

I have a small courtyard with no direct sunlight (I live in a townhouse). Will this affect what I can plant and if so what are the veggies and herbs, that I can plant?

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