Garden Auger


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Warning: You will become addicted to digging holes in the garden by using the Garden Soil Auger, and gardening will turn into power drill hole digging sessions instead.

This auger is perfect for planting bulbs, bedding plants, vegetables and flowering seedlings, potted plants and shrubs. This drill attachment is also great for digging weeds up by the roots, tilling soil, mixing your own soil mixes. The point on the soil auger drill bit helps to keep it steady when you are digging hard ground. The cutting edge is welded to the steel shaft to ensure it wont bend or twist under pressure.

Easily digs through most soil types, even clay and rocky soil, with minimum force. Made of heavy duty steel. The non-slip hex drive is suitable for most cordless drills, 18V or greater is recommended. Ensure you rinse or wipe the auger after use to prolong its life.

Dimensions 25cm x 8cm.

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