Nasturtium 'Double Jewel' Heirloom Seeds


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Blooming through the spring and summer months, it has a mix of brightly coloured, semi-double flowers. Not only a great companion plant, attracting bees and trapping snails, this is the ultimate root to bloom with every part of the plant being edible. Consistently self seeds.

When to Plant
Zone 1: October - April
Zone 2: September - May
Zone 3: Any
Zone 4: Any

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Nasturtiums thrive in most soil types but prefer a well drained soil that is prepared with compost. Fertilising the plants excessively will put on mostly vegetative growth and flower development will be low, so feed your plants moderately.

Soil pH Level 6.5-7.5

Prefer part shade.  

How to Plant
For faster germination soak seeds overnight in water and then plant directly into the veggie patch. Keep watered until germination. Plants have a tendency to burn in direct afternoon sunlight, so morning sunlight is preferable.

Spacing 40cm - 60cm

Depth 2cm - 4cm

Companion Plants
Nasturtiums are a great companion that can be planting amongst all edibles and under fruit trees.


Approx 25 seeds per packet

Please note seeds are not available for shipping to WA

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