Parsley 'Italian' Heirloom Seeds


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Also know as flat leaf parsley, it is a species of flowering plant and herb native to the central Mediterranean region. One of the most widely cultivated herbs, it is in everything from tabbouleh to chimichurri to salsa verde.

When to Plant

Zone 1: September – May

Zone 2: September – May

Zone 3: Anytime

Zone 4: Anytime

For zone map CLICK HERE


Spacing: 20cm     

Depth: 1cm           

Position: Full sun/part shade

Soil: Free Draining with plenty of compost

How to Plant: Sow seeds directly into the veggie patch. Seeds are small so will require thinning out once germinated. They will take 3 – 5 weeks to germinate.

Companion Plants: Carrots, Chives, Tomato & Asparagus

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