The bird often gets a bad rap in the veggie patch, yet it’s an animal that rarely targets your crops in the city. In fact, most of its damage is a result of its own clumsiness. With such little intent, it’s hard to hold a grudge.

It reminds us of an ex-colleague, Bobby, who kept breaking things while he worked with us at The Little Veggie Patch Co. Pots, windows, the clutch on our 4WDs … It was still so difficult to be upset with him because, as he explained it: ‘My limbs have grown at a faster rate than my brain knows how to control them!’ And he was right.

But that’s not to say every bird is as innocent as Bobby. Birds often target our ripening fruit and nut trees. And they are guilty of the two greatest crimes against our veggie patches – the random pecking of our ripening tomatoes and strawberries – so you would be naive to ignore them.

Optimal Conditions

Freshly mulched garden beds, fruiting seasons of deciduous trees and berries


Pecked, but not entirely eaten fruit, plus random holes and mess in the veggie patch – as though your toddler has been digging around.


Banging on a window or yelling or other erratic behaviour tends to have a good effect. Otherwise, keeping an active pet, such as a cat, will scare the life out of most birds. What seemed like a fun place to hang out, will quickly lose its appeal.


City birds tend to be too busy to spend time hassling you and eating out of your veggie patch, but if you’re living regionally, birds are much more sinister and destructive. Try a scarecrow or a structure that creates noise and/or reflections when moved by a gentle breeze. Your old AC/DC albums should suffice.


Netting is a 100% guarantee (or your money back) form of eradicating bird damage.

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