Calendula "Princess Mix" Heirloom seeds

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Highly valued in culinary circles for its spicy edible petals and leaves. Calendula also has a rich history as a medicinal flower with both anti-inflammatory and antibacterial qualities. 

How To Plant: Use free draining soil well integrated with compost, or good quality potting mix when growing in pots. Sow seeds directly into flower bed, and keep well hydrated until germination.

What To Plant Into: Wall Garden + In-Ground.

Food Use: A spicy and peppery flavour with a hint of citrus, use separated petals in seafood, pasta dough and desserts. 

Flowering Season: Year around if you remove spent flowers.

When To Plant:
Zone 1: (February-April) + (September-November)
Zone 2: (January-May)
Zone 3: (March-June) + (August-October)
Zone 4: (March-October)

Spacing: 30cm

Depth: 10-15mm

Position: Sunny positions preferred. 

**SHIPPING - not to Western Australia**

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