Compost Dial Thermometer


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"Compost temperature?!" you say? Ok, let us explain.

In order for microbes to work at their maximum capacity - converting all your waste into perfectly crafted compost - the internal working temperature needs to be between 50-60 degrees Celsius. That makes this long stemmed dial thermometer a pretty useful tool.

To measure the temperature of your compost, press the tip of the thermometer into the centre of your compost heap (minimum of 20cm) and wait a few minutes for the temperature to stabilise.

Unless you have a big heap (made up of 1m3 of waste) it will be pretty hard to reach 50-60 degrees. So gauge what temperature your pile reaches and once there, turn it over so that the outer wastes get all cosy in the middle. 

Dimensions: Dial 5cm diameter, Gauge 50cm in length.

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