Nicola Seed Potatoes


  • Nicola Seed Potatoes
  • Nicola Seed Potatoes

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Nicola potatoes have a buttery flavour and are excellent for gnocchi. 

Boil/salad: Excellent
Boil/Mash: Good
Dry Bake: Good
Roast: Good
Fry (chips): Fair

Timing: In many areas seed potatoes can be sown all year round, except in the hottest months. In sandy frost free areas they can also be sown during June and July. In cool areas sow 1 month before the expected last frost.

Preparation: Soil should be well worked up preferably to 25cm deep prior to planting so the soil is fine and friable. Do not plant where potatoes or tomatoes have grown last year.

Planting: Sow in furrows 10cm deep, 25cm between tubers and 75cm between rows. Sprinkle a complete fertiliser, preferably high in phosphorous on each side of the potato, using approximately 30g per plant. Fill in the trench. Seed potatoes exceeding 110g may be cut providing there are at least 2 eyes on each part. If potatoes are cut they should be planted immediately preferably into warm moist soil. Do not cut the seed when the weather is cool or the ground is wet.

Growing: To achieve high yields and top quality tubers, keep the soil consistently moist during growth. Do not over water or allow to dry out.

Harvesting: Potatoes are ready to lift when the tops begin to die off.

Locally sourced, certified seed potatoes. Comes in 1kg pack.

**Due to quarantine restrictions, seed potatoes can't be sent to WA, NT or Tasmania.**

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