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  • Roja de Castro Bulbs
  • Roja de Castro Bulbs
  • Roja de Castro Bulbs

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 Roja de Castro is a softneck garlic variety that is believed to have originated in Spain's Castro region. It is known for its mild, sweet flavor, and is often used in Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisine. The bulbs are mid sized, with 8 to 20 cloves per bulb. The outer skin of the bulb is typically white, while the inner cloves are a light pink to reddish-brown colour. Roja de Castro is also known for its excellent storage qualities, with bulbs often lasting up to 10-12 months in proper storage conditions.

In terms of growing characteristics, Roja de Castro is adapted to milder, more temperate climates.

Plant time: February - June. 

For more information on how to plant garlic follow this link.

Sourced locally and is grown on a chemical free farm in organic manure. 

**Shipping - Not to Tasmania or Western Australia**

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