Strawberry "White Soul" heirloom seeds

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  • Strawberry "White Soul" heirloom seeds
  • Strawberry "White Soul" heirloom seeds

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'White Soul' Strawberry is an aromatic and sweet heirloom variety with pale white/pink flesh. 

How To Plant

Use free draining soil well integrated with compost or good quality potting mix, when growing in pots. Chill seeds (use freezer) in a sealed jar for two weeks prior to planting and let them return to room temperature before sowing. Germination can take up to one month, so be patient; your daiquiri isn't far off.

What To Plant In: Pot + Wall Garden + In-ground

Best Food Partner: Chocolate, Daiquiri, Fruit Salads. 

Companion Plants: Onion and Chives

When To Plant

Tasmania/Alpine: October - December

Temperate: September - January

Sub-Tropical: August-January

Tropical: April - July

Spacing: 30-40cm

Depth: 0.5-1cm

Position: Full sun preferred.

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