Trench Composting

Written By Little Veggie Patch Co - March 20 2013


Little Veggie Patch Co
June 21 2017

Composting worms do have an amazing ability to migrate – even up your timber legs into the bed – but they’d need to be nearby in the first place. I’d be introducing some of them directly into the beds.

Barbara Walsh
June 17 2017

Will the worms actually get UP to the soil in a raised garden bed? I have a 1metre Veg Trug which has timber legs to raise from the ground (i.e. not boxed from the ground)

February 06 2017

I am in a unit so composting on a big scale isn’t really possible, I grow veggies in pots maybe 1-and-a-bit metres by 50cm. I’ve just removed all the old plants from one but will be keeping the same soil and would like to enrich it for the next batch of seedlings. Can I dig a trench and bury a whole lot of organic waste deep in the pot to compost, before I plant the new seedlings in? (Right underneath where they’ll go in?)
Thanks, Frances

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