10 Best Beginner Plants

Written By Little Veggie Patch Co - May 27 2013


January 09 2017

Followed instructions, my toddler is currently standing on a step ladder waving a machete and swinging a garden hose around his head like a lasso, I assume this is all normal.

January 08 2017

Love this! Thank you

October 11 2016

THANK YOU for your fabulous humor, more please…

Mia Tsang
October 11 2016

This is a useful list for a beginner to get started in garden. I have been growing 4 out of 8 plants in your list. For my first time, I started out with growing strawberries. As we all know, the seeds on the outside of the strawberry. So just cutting these surfaces away is a way to get seeds out of a strawberry.

I further attempted to sprout strawberry seeds by using a special way. I blew drying strawberries seeds with a hair dryer, and then placed seeds in a pot. Once established, plant is necessary to move into a larger pot. They are required water regularly or water them when they are dry. I reckon they will die if it beyond 4 days without water. They only take 3 months before the harvest time.

My strawberries now are in their second season. Strawberry is also one of the easiest plants to grow for beginner gardener. The only trick is to keep the birds away to the harvest!

September 01 2016

Thanks, The “can I train my toddler to do this” answers have been particularly helpful LOL

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