10 Best Beginner Plants

Written By Little Veggie Patch Co - May 27 2013


October 14 2018

Bwhaaa haaaa haaaa…gunna borrow the neighbour’s step ladder and steal one of their kids!

January 31 2018

My God I was laughing so hard by the time I finished reading it!! :D :D :D Cheers to you for making Gardening 101 a piece of shit!! :D:D:D:D

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May 13 2017

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March 03 2017

Don’t know what I’m doing wrong cause my radishes never end up getting bulbs! They just stay slim and leafy. ?

January 09 2017

Followed instructions, my toddler is currently standing on a step ladder waving a machete and swinging a garden hose around his head like a lasso, I assume this is all normal.

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