Growing Challenge Month 3

Written By Little Veggie Patch Co - June 28 2013


Little Veg Patch Co
July 04 2013

HI Ian, thanks for your comments! Regarding the chooks, i’d check in with your local council as guidelines differ greatly. We have bantams at the shop in st kilda and while they arent the most prolific layers – they are young and it is winter – they are very good companions. We may take you up on the building a chook coop idea, i’ll let you know how we go.

Ian Rowe
July 02 2013

I would just like to thank you guys for a up to date , hip website that is not consumed by pensioners telling everyone how it should be done . I have taken up a 1/3 of my back yard to start my vegie patch, and you guys are the ones i look to for information :) Keep up the good work, more vids would be great as me and my girl watched all your vids in one night … Also we are considering having chickens as i do not agree to some of there conditions in the consumer world , maybe a video about how to make a coop … what chickens to use and the guidelines surrounding local government would be great . Profit compared to supermarkets would help more people jump on board :)
Cheers Ian and Anna . Coffs harbour NSW > Looking forward to your response

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