Compost Aerator

Stinky compost need not persist!  A cheap an easy way to solve this problem is to add a compost aerator, which will allow for adequate airflow in the compost pile.  While the aerator will reduce the overall heat, the aerobic boost will far outweigh the lower temperatures. 

A stinky bin can usually be traced back to an imbalance between wet kitchen scraps- "green waste" and dry material such as paper, straw, and leaves- "brown waste".  The ideal compost should have even layers of each, but we aren't here to make anyone feel guilty.  An aerator is a good way to repent for all of our composting sins. 

Start by measuring the height of the compost bin.  Remember, the pipe is going inside, so measure below the lid. 

Cut a piece of PVC to the right height using what ever type of saw you can get your hands on.  Using a 10mm bit, drill holes at regular and frequent intervals, all the way from the bottom to the top.  It's not really possible to overdue it, so go wild. 

Make room in the center of the bin by working a large stick in a circular motion.  As the hole gets larger, upgrade to larger sticks.  Rotate the stick anti-clockwise in the southern hemisphere and clockwise in the northern. 

Drive the pipe into the center of the compost heap using a wooden block or rubber mallet and throw in a thick layer of brown waste (we like sugar cane mulch).  It's that easy! 

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