Full Crate Wicking DIY Pack

With this pack you will receive;

- Full Wicking crate: 1.16m x 1.16m x 0.73m (height), lined with a food safe rubber pond liner, fitted with a layer of geotextile 'wicking' fabric, as well as an inflow and overflow valve to control the level of the water reservoir

- 6 bags of scoria

- 8 x 30L bags of organic compost

- 1 x 30L bag of organic cow manure

- 1 x 30L bag of organic potting mix

- 1 x 12L bag of perlite

- 1 x bag of worm castings

- 1 x piece of geotextile fabric

Here's how to fill it up!

1. Get the crate level

2. Empty the 6 bags of scoria, making sure the geotextile is tucked into the corners of the crate

3. Level the scoria. 

The final height of the scoria should be just above the overflow valve

4. Attach the spare piece of geotextile fabric; this will separate the soil and the scoria and stop the soil from spilling into the water below

5. Add 4 x bags of organic compost

6. Add bag of organic cow manure

7. Add bag of perlite and mix all ingredients together. The perlite helps hold the structure of the soil that has the potential to get compacted over time.

8. Add 4 x bags of organic compost

9. Add bag of worm castings

10. Finally, add bag of organic potting mix and level

11. Fill up the reservoir by attaching a hose onto the inflow valve at the top of the crate. Once water begins flowing out of the overflow valve, the reservoir is full.

12. You can plant your seeds and seedlings into the soil mix right away.

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