Grow Food Anywhere: The New Guide to Small-Space Gardening

All over the world food is cascading from rooftops, spilling over balconies – even sprouting on kitchen benchtops. It has never been easier to grow your own food, and you don’t have to quit your day job and move to the country to do it. The primary goal of the Little Veggie Patch Co. has always been to get as many people growing food as possible, no matter their level of experience or space available.

In our fifth book, Grow. Food. Anywhere., we give readers the tools to achieve this. It's a comprehensive guide to growing fresh, local, nutritious produce, regardless of the size of your patch, Grow. Food. Anywhere. offers inspiration – and instruction – for growing good things to eat. The book has three sections: What plants need; Fruit & Veg to Grow; Pests & Disease to Know.

These chapters cover everything from why soil matters; composting; how to make a wicking garden; how to select the right growing style; what to plant and when; harvesting; troubleshooting; pruning; and more.

One of the biggest barriers to edible gardening is the fear of not knowing where to begin. With a combination of photographs, illustrations, and a playful, engaging design we aim to dispel the mystery, because growing food is neither difficult nor time-consuming. Rather, it is something that everyone can do, no matter your location, ideology, origin or experience. It can easily become part of your daily routine.

Whether the end goal is to grow a single radish or to feed your family for a year, this book will help guide your exploration of modern gardening, because whatever your reason, whatever your location, whatever your ability, there has never been a better time to grow food – and it’s possible to grow food anywhere.

What plants need 

The first section of the book is dedicated to understanding the basic requirements for growing food- soil, water, light, infrastructure, planting, and harvesting. 

Like we always say, there are not bad gardeners, only bad waterers. A whole chapter on watering helps to remediate this common shortcoming.

Like we always say, there are no bad gardeners, only bad waterers. We have a whole chapter dedicated to different watering techniques and skills to help remediate this common challenge. 

Understanding pots extract from Grow Food Anywhere

There are advantages and disadvantages to every kind of infrastructure. In this book, we make a case for in-ground, raised garden bed, wall garden, pot, wicking bed, hydroponic, and aquaponic. With the right information, it is much easier to decide which growing method will best suit your needs.

Choosing the right seedling extract from Grow Food Anywhere

We like to show rather than tell. The book contains over 30 skills and activities across all chapters. Some favourites include: nutrient troubleshooting, feeding worms and perfecting your compost, irrigation 101, simple hydroponics, seed saving, choosing the right seedling, root to bloom eating, understanding gourmet mushroom cultivation, and hand pollination. 

Fruit and Veg to grow spread from Grow Food Anywhere

Over 70 comprehensive veggie profiles that take the mystery out of growing food. Illustrated timelines lay out simple steps from planting to the first harvest.

Pests and Disease to Know extract from Little Veggie Patch Co's Grow Food Anywhere

Photo/illustrated guide to 24 common pests and diseases along with organic prevention and remedies.

Growing food should be fun and easy, which is why we think this will be the new gardening bible for the next generation of food growers.


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