Natural Pest Control

Natural Pest Control

Pests are inevitable in the garden and shouldn't cause undue stress. When growing on a personal or family scale pests are seldom catastrophic, more of a nuisance than a problem. Fortunately, many of us grow for fun and don’t have to worry about a swarm of locusts carrying away our livelihood overnight. Rather, pests challenge us to be better, more attentive gardeners.

Having the right supplies is key and that is why we sell a broad range of natural and organic pest control products. After all, whatever you put into your garden will end up in your food and, ultimately, in your body.

Another reason to use natural methods is that chemical insecticides are indiscriminate and will kill helpful insects. Among others, healthy veggie patch relies on the participation of pollinators like bees, and predator ladybugs to eat the baddies.

The best natural pest control methods are a combination of our products, good patch hygiene, diverse planting that includes herbs and flowers, and the valuable insight that even plants with holes in them are still edible.

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