Heatwave Watering

When you water makes all the difference, because plants need to have access to water when they really need it the most – that is, during the day. Photosynthesis is how plants essentially make their food, and it requires sunlight plus water.

This means that plants can only ‘eat’ during the daytime, and therefore, the best practice is to water all your plants first thing in the morning....but sometimes that is easier said than done. 

The problem occurs when you've forgotten to water in the morning - because you're frantic in the AM and don't have drip irrigation (oh damn!) - and now it's an absolute stinker outside. So what then?

Well rather than rushing out and drenching them in crazy-water-love, you need to be sensible about how to apply moisture when the sun is high and hot. Applying water directly to the foliage on such days has the potential to burn the leaves - a bit like using a magnifying glass on them - so aiming around the root zone, keeping the stream low and steady is key.

This means moisture goes directly to the roots, where the plant will ultimately use it to feed, and will also reduce evaporation and the potential to damage your plant babies.

So keep a cool head, no matter how hot the day is outside. Your plants will thank you for it. 

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