Fast Ripening Tomatoes

I have always believed in the transformative powers of bananas. It must have something to do with watching Eric Wimp (who somewhat resembled my younger scrawny self) change into the muscular, caped superhero Bananaman by simply eating a banana. Bananas naturally produce a gaseous plant hormone called ethylene… what a turn on right? Other ‘climacteric’ fruit including kiwi fruit, figs, pears, but most importantly tomatoes will respond to the ethylene call and start their ripening process. Find out how to ripen your tomatoes using the power of bananas below. 

identify under ripe tomatoes
1. Identify your under ripe tomatoes on the bush. You know, the ones you’ve been staring at all summer.

2. All patch foes have a creepy sixth sense that allows them to poke, prod or nibble your semi ripe tomato just before you do. It’s time to also rescue those damaged semi ripe tomatoes.

3. Pick the tomatoes that are taking their time, as well as any that have fallen victim to playing rough with your tomato plants. We’ve all done it!

4. Place tomatoes in the fruit bowl with bananas and allow them to ‘dutch oven’ their way to fully ripe glory. Enjoy the fruits of your labour… just maybe not in a fruit salad.

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