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The earliest fruiter of all the cane growing berry plants, the loganberry produces its fruit as early as November. To make the plant more manageable and its fruit safer from pests, it's best to grow the canes along a trellis. Netting the fruit as it ripens is also highly advisable.

Planting: plants canes approximately 75cm apart and make sure to support with decent sized growing frame; at least 1.8m tall. Best to grow in fertile, free draining soil, preferring a sun position but will tolerate partial shade.

Growing: fertilise and water the plant regularly and as the canes grow attach them to the support trellis to keep the plant neat and manageable. Like most other berries, it will fruit on second year growth, so most of the first year is about the growth of a strong plant. Once it has fruited cut most of the canes down to ground level, leaving 2 or 3 of the most strongly defined.

Harvesting: start to pick in November, with full production coming early summer. Best to wait for the berries to turn a deep maroon colour. Fruiting should continue most of the summer season.

Pack contains: one loganberry cane in soil medium

**Shipping - Not to Western Australia or Tasmania**

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