Red Currant

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A tough, deciduous plant that grows to approximately 1.5m tall and 1m wide and that can withstand very cold conditions. Fruits during the summer when branches form clusters of red, bright currants that make an excellent source of vitamin C.

Planting: choose a sunny spot in a free draining soil, protected from hot, drying winds. Incorporate plenty of well rotted animal manure and compost, particularly in sandy soils, and cover root zone with soil and then water in well. Keep thoroughly watered while establishing. 

Growing: new shoots sprout in the early parts of spring, and will continue to grow through to late summer. Use an all-round fertiliser every 6 weeks, until growth ceases nearing winter. Fruit grows on the previous season's growth, so ensure you prune back old, fruited foliage at wintertime - leaving 4 or 5 strong branches remaining. 

Harvesting: make sure you allow the currants to mature on the canes so that they ripen properly. A taste test is the best way to determine ripeness. Clusters ripen unevenly, so pick ripen currants individually.

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