Thornless Blackberry

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  • Thornless Blackberry
  • Thornless Blackberry
  • Thornless Blackberry

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Sprawling thornless canes that produce long berry fruits which turn a deep black colour once ripe. Fresh shoots begin in September, flowers start in November, and then fruit in late January through to early April.

Planting: plants canes approximately 75cm apart and make sure to support with a 1.8m growing frame. Will grow in moderately fertile, free draining soil, preferring a sun position but will tolerate partial shade.

Growing: fruit grows on one year old wood, so make sure to cut all fruiting canes off after harvesting to encourage new fruiting growth the following year. Cut weak canes down to ground level to encourage stronger growth.

Harvesting: pick fruit when it approaches a deep black colour. Excess fruit can be frozen or preserved.

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