Gardening Knife

Gardening Knives

Opinel gardening knives and gardening saws are the highest quality tools on the market. Stainless steel blades resist corosion and stay sharp through all gardening tasks and forays into the woods.

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Opinel no.10 Pruning Knife
Regular price$48.00
    Opinel No.8 Animalia Gift Box
    Regular price$190.00
      Opinel No8
      Regular price$29.00
      • Kaki
      • Beechwood
      • Red
      • Blue
      • Slate
      • Brown
      • Burgundy
      Opinel Oyster Knife
      Regular price$36.00
        Opinel Pruning Saw No.12
        Regular price$59.00
          Opinel Pruning Saw No.18
          Regular price$85.00$75.00
            Opinel Sharpening Stone
            Regular price$17.00
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