Pumpkin 'Small Sugar' Heirloom Seeds

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Small Sugar produces smooth textured pumpkins with bright orange flesh, purported to be the finest pumpkin pie going around. Each compact vine should produce approximately 4-6 fruit. Hand pollination recommended.

When to Plant
Zone 1: October–December
Zone 2: September–December
Zone 3: August–February
Zone 4: February–September

For zone map CLICK HERE

Your soil should be free- draining and moderately fertile, so add compost before planting. It will tolerate a number of soil types.

Soil pH Level 6.5–7.0

Full sun with plenty of room to move. Position on the edge of your growing space, allowing it to creep away from your growing space, or set up a solid trellis structure on which to grow it vertically.

How to Plant
Sow the seeds directly into the patch. Pumpkins are more suitable for an in ground veggie patch.

Spacing 1.5 m

Depth 1-5cm

Companion Plants


**Shipping - Not to Western Australia**


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