Bokashi Bin + Mix


  • Bokashi Bin + Mix
  • Bokashi Bin + Mix
  • Bokashi Bin + Mix
  • Bokashi Bin + Mix

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The original indoor fermenting system - the Bokashi bin - plus a bonus 1kg bag of mix to help activate it.

The Bokashi One Composter is an easy way to start the composting process, particularly for apartment dwellers with little space to compost outdoors. Put your scraps in your 20L bin, sprinkle with the Bokashi One Mix and allow the acceleration process to begin. 

How does it work: This bucket accelerates the composting process so that the scraps ferment and reduce in size. The bucket has a grate at the bottom and an airtight lid to keep out bugs and help the fermenting process. Every time you add a layer of scraps sprinkle Bokashi One mix over the top. Also regularly drain the juice out of the bottom - this is good for the garden. Once the bin is full bury it in your garden to fully compost or put it into an outdoor composter. 

The Bokashi Mix contains microorganisms that ferment the food scraps. 

The juice produced is very acidic but a great fertilizer. Use in the garden but ensure it is diluted at a 100:1 ratio. It can be used undiluted as a drain cleaner. 

  • Composter Capacity: 20 litres 
  • Bucket Dimensions: (High) 41cm, (Width) 31cm, (Depth) 30cm
  • Use with the Bokashi Mix (not included)
  • Full instructions included 

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