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The perfect balanced diet; all the food a plant could ever need to grow big, strong and productive. 

All Purpose Plant Food
A complete blend of all essential plant nutrients - most importantly, a slow-release form of nitrogen - and vital trace elements. This carefully blended mixture produces strong healthy growth, good root development and abundant flowering. Produced from a blend of all natural, organic based ingredients. Apply when planting and then every 6 to 8 weeks thereafter.
(Nitrogen 7%, Phosphorous 3%, Potassium 7%, Calcium 12.8%, Sulphur 10.5%, Magnesium 0.5%, Iron 1500ppm, Copper 15ppm, Zinc 500ppm, Mangenese 500ppm, Boron 200ppm).

Sulphate of Potash
Sulphate of Potash is a soluble form of potassium which will help to set fruit and will stimulate the growth of more flowers as well as improve the colour of flowers. Using potash will also your plants build a resistance to disease by growing healthier plants. Best to apply to fruit trees or flowering/fruiting plants (tomatoes, zucchini, beans etc) just before flowering, or while the plant is in flower. The potassium is absorbed through the root systems and travels to the top of the plant where growth is stimulated.
(Potassium as Sulphate 41.5%, Sulphur as Sulphate 17%).

Blood and Bone
An organically-based blood and bone, which gives your plants a sustained boost of nitrogen and phosphorous, while helping to improve soil texture and quality. Encourages soil microbial activity, including your garden's earthworms, and is safe to use any time of the year but best to mix through soil prior to your seasonal planting.
(Nitrogen 6%, Phosphorous 5%).

The perfect veggie food, this is super concentrated, certified organic, preservative free seaweed powder. This concentrate makes 200 litres of liquid seaweed solution. It contains over 60 vital nutrients including 16% potassium and can be applied fortnightly to your plants and veggies.

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