Fitted Insect Netting for Veggie Crate


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Have one of our veggie crates and have been looking for a net that fits like Cinderella's shoe? Here it is - measuring 1.2m x 1.2m x 1.8m (high), it has been shaped square to fit perfectly over one of our full size veggie crates. We suggest using the build-a-frame brackets to construct a rigid, square frame for the net to slip over

The netting is shape square, measuring 1.8m high - high enough to slip over fully grown tomato plant - and with 1.2m width and length, so to give full clearance above your veggie crate. 

The material used for the netting is 2mm woven, UV stable insect netting. Great for  excluding most flying insects such as Cabbage Moth, Fruit Fly and Codling Moth. Also used for bird exclusion and to reduce sunburn..

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