Hyssop "Anise" Heirloom seeds

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Herbaceous perennial, renowned for its culinary and medicinal qualities. Lavender-blue flowers smell and taste of anise, while leaves and stems have a subtle mint flavour. 

How To Plant: Use a free draining soil well integrated with compost, or good quality potting mix when growing in pots. However, Anise Hyssop will tolerate a range of soil types. For best results, start seeds indoors or in a mini greenhouse 4-weeks before the last frost. After all risk of frost has past, plant seedlings into the spring garden.

What To Plant Into: Pots + In-ground

Food: Aniseed and sweet licorice flavours make Anise Hyssop ideal for infusions, cocktails and desserts.

Flowering Season: December-March

When To Plant:
Zone 1: September-February
Zone 2: September-February
Zone 3: September-February
Zone 4: September-February

For zone map CLICK HERE

Spacing: 30cm

Depth: 6mm

Position: Full sun, please.


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