Kids Gardening Starter Pack

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Teach your little ones how to grow food anywhere with our Kids Gardening Starter Pack. You will have little green thumbs running around faster than you can say "Please don't draw on the walls!" 

Our Kids Gardening Pack includes:
Your choice from the rainbow of Haws Handy Watering Can 700ml
Kids Seed Kit
Kids Gardening Gloves choose from frog or hedgehog
Kids Trowel

Haws Handy Watering Can 700ml
We have all the colours of the watering can rainbow. This handy little plastic watering can - holding 700ml - is perfect for small spaces, indoor plants and a great for the little budding gardener. 

Kids Gardening Gloves
Keeping kids hands clean is a full time job. Even mumbling the words "dirt" or "texta" out loud will result in messy hands. Choose between Frog or Hedgehog to keep little hands clean and dry.

Kids Seed Kit
Yes, vegetables that even your toddler could grow! These plant varieties have been chosen for their ease of germination, fast growth habits and general 'likeability'* and so cater to little people with short attention spans. At the end of the day, the kids will eat! *Likeability is gauged by how often children eat the food, rather than hide them under their fork or feed it to the dog.

This seed kit contains:
- Heirloom seeds including Beans, Peas, Carrots, Sunflower and Strawberry
- Planting instructions
- Biodegradable propagating pots
- Reusable plant labels

Kids Trowel
This hand trowel is made from high quality stainless steel and timber, just like their parent's counterparts! Each trowel measures approximately 20cm in length. 
Get your little one helping alongside you in the garden.

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Shipping & Returns

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