Takagi 15m Compact Hose Reel


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The Compact Hose Reel from TAKAGI (Germany) is perfectly suited for watering on balconies, terraces and in small space gardens. The whole set is lighter than 2kg, is extremely durable and easy to handle for everyone.

The special coating of the hose ensures that it won't kink or twist and stays easy to rewind. The Compact Nozzle is a PLEASURE to use, with a continuously adjustable shower head suitable for every kind of watering (4 different water streams) - like when watering young delicate seedlings or blasting the chook poop off the pavers. 

This system has been tested by LVPC over many years on a harsh, west facing balcony....under duress from both kids and a pet rabbit.....it is highly recommended!

Video of hose in action

Dimensions: (Width) 168mm x (Depth) 343mm x (Height) 302mm.
Inner hose diameter 7.5mm
Attached tap nipple (1/2 3/4)
A compact nozzle is attached and best suited for small garden, terrace & balcony
A light hose reel with 15m + 2m provides 2 ways to connect the water faucet
The entire hose and the compact nozzle can fit in the housing

Learn some best watering practices here.

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