Culling Seedlings

Written By Little Veggie Patch Co - May 26 2013


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Possibly You Also Make These kind of Slip ups With the bag !

May 23 2014


Little Veg Patch Co
June 20 2013

Hi Dianne,

Growing up there I know the challenges Perth quite well – sandy soil and stifling heat! I think the first thing you need to get right is your soil and this can be difficult. Most soil yards will have a “soil mix” that looks suspiciously like sand; you’ve got to try and find a good supplier. Try these guys or consider constructing a no-dig garden. Whichever way you do it, definitely top off the garden with a few bags of good quality, organic potting mix. While the soil structure is settling underneath, your seeds and seedlings will be happy in the quality mix and assuming they get sufficient water they will grow.

Which leads me onto the other consideration – water – and a drip irrigation system will be a saviour in Perth (particularly in summer) and will give you piece of mind. I’m confident that if you get those things sorted success is just around the corner!

Let me know how you go Dianne.

dianne williams
June 14 2013

Hi just a question about what we are doing wrong in our raised garden bed here in perth as nothing seems to grow well. We put in veggie scraps compost but our vegetables just don’t grow that well we are at the stage of giving up. I brought your book The Little Veggie Patch for my husband for Christmas and it is wonderful but i still need help in the growing part could you tell me what i can do to inprove my skills at growing our own veggies. It was easier growing them back in New Zealand than here. Please help. Regards Dianne

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