The Winter Garden

Written By Little Veggie Patch Co - June 16 2013


October 17 2015

Hi I’m a bit of a novice but love the veggie patch I get confused with the soil preparation of what is the best compost to put in the soil as different veggies go better with different soil prep can you give me some advice ?

July 13 2015

first go at kale had picking seems to like my garden as only planted 6 and have great supply as good as my silver beet …my snake beans have not appeared but all my snow peas popped their heads out look great what other veggie can I grow that is easy & pest free

May 28 2015

Hi Rebecca, You can try soaking the coriander seeds in water before planting them

May 21 2014

Hi, glad to have found an Aussie gardening blog!
I’ve had coriander seedlings planted in my herb box for about 2 months now, yet no evidence of coriander seeds. Do they start to seed at a certain ‘age’ or particular time of year? On another note, how do you dry your herbs?

June 17 2013

Thankyou. Im having my first go with Kale. This is also my first real attempt at growing a full Winter garden, with more than just carrots and Broccoli.

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