What to Plant - February

March is really just an extension of summer and so autumn planting should wait until next month... Hold tight folks.


Beetroot (Seed) 

Berries (adolescent plants)

Bok Choi (Seedling)

Carrots (Seed)

Fruit Trees (adolescent trees)

Herbs (all except Basil, Coriander and Dill - seedling)

Lettuces (Seedling)

Pak Choi (Seedling)

Radish (Seed)

Rocket (Seedling)

Silverbeet (Seedling)

Spinach (Seedling)

Spring Onions (Seedling)

Strawberry (Seedling)

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  • I have to thank you so much for this handy guide of what to plant when! I am quite the horrible gardener but have been endeavouring for quite a while to start a veggie garden. All the help on this blog has definitely made me closer to realising my dream. I have been quite adamant on planting a passionfruit vine and was just wondering when would be the best time of the year to plant one? Thank you!

    - Amelia Lacey

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