What to Plant September

You can feel it, smell it, even taste it in the air - Spring is most certainly here and everything is going to be ok. Suddenly life is up and there's a lot to look forward to... and if you let the winter garden slip, now is the perfect time to make a comeback.  Here's a snapshot of what to plant. For those curious about whether to plant from seed or from seedling, we've marked alongside each of the varieties how we'd go about it. S stands for seedling, SP is from seed - propagated and then transplanted when ready - and SD is from seed directly in the patch.

Of course the form you plant them will vary from person to person; depending on the micro-climate of your garden and your planting plan (and maybe on the colour of the underpants you wear on a Tuesday and any other superstitions you belong to). 

Asparagus (S or crowns; a crown is a developed root system)

Artichoke (S)

Basil (SP)

Beans (SP)

Beetroot (SD)

Berries (adolescent plants)

Bok Choi (S)

Carrots (SD)

Capsicum (SP)

Celery (S)

Cucumber (SD)

Chilli (SP)

Eggplant (SP)

Fruit Trees (adolescent trees)

Herbs (all) (S)

Lettuces (all) (SP, SD, S)

Pak Choi (S)

Pumpkin (SD)

Radish (SD)

Rocket (S)

Silverbeet (S)

Spinach (S)

Spring Onions (S)

Strawberry (S)

Squash (SD)

Tomato (SP)

Zucchini (SD)


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