Growing Leek

It’s hard to get into the cool-season spirit during the peak of summer, but certain things are worth the mental shift, such as booking a family ski holiday or propagating seeds. From the allium family – which includes onion and garlic – leek is a slow-burn, easy-to-grow vegetable that we have on our minds when the weather is hot.

Patient gardeners are best suited to growing leek, as these veggies have a lifespan of up to 9 months in the veggie patch. However, from around the second month, they’re also well suited to forgetful, lazy, oblivious gardeners. After they are set, they can be ‘put to sleep’ in the patch. For those familiar with horse racing, leek sits three back on the inside rail collecting cover and a nice trail from the leader. Come the final straight, about 3–6 months later, leek pull out and steamroll home.

Hardy, tough and relatively pest-free, leek store well in-ground and will happily stay in the patch until you find the perfect quiche recipe. Everyone who grows leek will be a winner.

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Zone 1: Oct–Nov & Feb–Apr

Zone 2: Sep–Nov & Feb–May

Zone 3: Feb–Apr

Zone 4: Mar–Apr

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Best grown from: Seed - propagated in trays and transplanted into the patch

Depth: 1 cm

Spacing: 10–15 cm

Time to 1st harvest: 150–180 days

Ideal pH level: 6.5–7.5

Favourite small-space variety: Bulgarian Giant

Best suited to: Pots, in-ground

Common problems: Mostly pest-free, but slugs can find a way inside the leaves.



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