Strawberry Red Gauntlet (5 x runners)


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A Scottish variety that has adapted extremely well to our climate, particularly in more southern parts of the country, producing high yields. This plant is very hardy with good resistance to fungal diseases, that tend to afflict most plants.

Very productive - with the right conditions and feeding - the fruit size varies through the cropping season; larger in the earlier parts of the fruiting season, and becoming smaller as it heads into winter dormancy.

The fruit is classically shape with a shiny, bright red colour. Suitable for freezing. 

Planting: Prefers full sun to part shade in slightly acidic to neutral, well-drained soil. Dig a hole twice the width of the roots. Cover with soil and water in well. Some well rotted compost or very old animal manure will be beneficial.

Growing: Mulch well to retain soil moisture and suppress weeds, and apply an all-round fertiliser to soil when growth begins in early spring. 

Harvesting: Fruit is ripe when it is well coloured and full. Most garden pests can smell ripe strawberries from a mile away, so make sure you don't wait too long or provide good protection to safeguard. 

Comes as bare rooted runners, 5 per pack

Note: Cannot ship to WA

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